Webinar - FAQ

Webinar - FAQ


Webinar? What is this all about?

Cooking classes from 5-6 PM till 8-9 PM, the chefs in our studio, and you in your kitchen and we meet online. The cooking course will take place on an online videoconference platform, Zoom, where the chefs and assistants will guide you through the class, answer your questions, show you the steps and fundamentally have fun together. The cooking will happen in real-time, we deliver the ingredients needed for the chosen menu on the day of the class within Budapest and to the suburbs. When it comes to the equipment your everyday kitchen shall have everything we will need, but you can see a list below of all the tools, utensils you might need. From our repertoire, we will launch approximately 15 classes online.

The application process is the same as it was before, you can browse through the classes, search for options with your favourite chefs or cuisine. You can use your beforehand purchased vouchers for these online classes as well. You can only apply in pairs, but if you wish to cook alone or have the family around you can do that too. We will prepare the dishes for 2 people, so not only your dinner but possibly your next day lunch is taken care of. 

How many participants can join the online class?
Based on our experience it is best to cook in pairs, just as we do it during our usual classes. Of course, you can have a helping hand if you wish, the bottom line is to feel comfortable and have fun.

I do not have a pair class, can I join alone as well?
Of course! You might be a bit busier and have a bit more on your hands if you are cooking alone. But even in this case, you can only register for two and you will receive the ingredients for two. 

Where do you deliver?
At the moment we can only accept applications from Budapest and the suburbs.

Will other participants see me while I am cooking?
You probably will not have much time to check out the other participants, once the introduction is over. Besides, we will ask you to "pin" the chefs in the middle, so you can see him in a bigger frame having a better overlook at what is happening on the counter. Zoom has multiple settings, you can hide the other participants as well, so it is up to you, how you feel comfortable.

What if there an ingredient missing, how can I replace it?
We will do our best to make sure, that this does not happen. If it does, you can replace the missing ingredient from your kitchen or ask the chef - if you do not have the exact same item - what could work as a substitute.

How should I apply?
Following the registration, you can pay using a voucher or via PayPal or credit card.

What happens if I lose connection or I can not participate for some reason?
First of all check your internet connections and your devices (turn them on and off, connect with another device). If you can not seem to manage to rejoin, call the assistant, she will try to help you, guide you through some options. You can try to join from another device, like a phone, to do so you will need to have the application downloaded.  Worst case scenario you can finish the cooking using our recipes.

About the delivery
On the day of the class, between 14:00 and 17:00, our colleague will deliver the box to the address you have given during the application. We will give you a call before we arrive at your address.  In the box, you will find the ingredients for two and the recipes.

What equipment do I need, is my kitchen suitable for the class?
A regular kitchen is perfect, the only thing is, that it should be able o fit you two, so you can work comfortably. Check out the list of equipment needed for the chosen class and prepare them on the counter so they are at hand.

Are there any other requirements for the class?
Make sure that there are no disruptions, just like during a regular class. If they wish older children can join in too. It is a bit like a home office, all we need is your attention and participation.

What should I do if I have allergies, intolerances?
We will deliver the ingredients that are in our recipes. If you have a substitute for a certain item at home, go ahead and use it, you can consult your chef how so if you wish.

What happen with the online classes once the pandemic is over?
It is hard to say since we can not see when or how that is going to happen. But we will keep you posted.


Equipment list (not all needed, but nice to have)

kitchen counter space
stove, oven
electric mixer
kitchen towel, paper towel
pot (a bigger one for soups/pasta, smaller one for rice, etc)
pan (flat one and one for sauces)
can opener
wooden spoons, spatulas (preferably 2-3)
chopping boards
rolling pin
oven pan (bigger, smaller)
plastic wrap, aluminum foil, baking sheets
plates, bowls
peeling knife
chopping, chef knife

What do I need in terms of IT stuff? 

The most important is to have reliable internet access and a device. It is best to choose a device with a rather big screen so you can see everything properly. We suggest a laptop with a built-in camera or web camera. We would advise you to download the Zoom app to your phone as a fall-back plan in case something happens. 

Disclaimer! Put the device somewhere safe from water, grease at a stable spot, where you can see the screen.

Which platform will we use?

There is a premium option in Zoom that requires payment, do I have to sign-up for that?
No, we as hosts are subscribed to the premium package so we can use the app without limitations, you as a user do not have to.

I can only join the class using a camera?
It is not obligatory, but we would strongly advise doing so in order to have the full experience.

How can I join in when the class is starting?
30 min before the class starts, we will send you the Zoom link using which you will be able to join the live broadcast. The class starts at 6 PM, but please join in 15-30 min before to make sure we can start cooking on time and you can explore all the settings.

Do I need to download an application to my laptop or phone?
For your laptop not necessary, but if you are using a phone or a tablet you will need to download Zoom. 

Do I need experience in using Zoom to participate?
It is not a requirement. Before we begin to cook we will show and explain everything, but if you have time to try it out with friends and family (there is a free version for that) that would be great.