Our mission

Cooking is fun! Cooking together is more fun!


More than 18 years of experience

Chefparade opened in Páva utca studio in April 2006. Ever since, we have had over 200.000 guests in our cookery programmes. People who have been open to new culinary experience, new taste and new adventure in culinaria.

Cooking is fun

Chefparade is a ’hands-on’ cooking school. This means every customer is participating actively in the process as they follow our chefs’ instructions. We believe cooking is a creative and constitutive activity that is fun, gives relaxing and brings together. The philosophy behind Chefparade is that cooking is not a mystery, cooking is not belonging just to selected few. We try to open gates to new recipes and new cuisines. We are a knowledge center, we are a pool of ambassadors of many different professional and hobby chefs. Our objective is to transfer the enjoyment of cooking to our Clients: learn together, eat good food together, have fun together and make sure our recipes work at home too.

We grow, we develop, we change

We are active at 3 locations and we offer more 160 types of course. We monitor closely the food scene in Budapest, in Hungary and in the World to adjust our curriculum and service range if and when needed.

The team is the heart and soul of Chefparade

Chefparade has a very colourful staff, a wide range of characters from chefs, buthers, bakers, pastry chefs to children animators, tourist guides and corporate trainers. Some of us are professional chefs, some are hobby chefs. One thing is in common> we all love what we do and we all do our best to give customers a great cookery experience. Would you like to work with us?