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Cooking school? What is this all about?
In a cookery school participants cook their own food that they eat together afterwards. The kitchen area and the eating area is one big room, there are no waiters, there are no chefs. Well, precisely there is one chef animator who runs the whole event and makes sure everything runs smoothly. Chefparade is the oldest, biggest and coolest cookery school in Budapest.   

How does cooking run? 
Our cooking sessions last about 3 to 4 hours. It's advised to arrive about 10-15 minutes before it starts, preferably no sooner, no later. The menu to cook is about 3 to 7 courses/dishes. We cook hands-on, each pair preparing the full menu in small batches. The participation fee covers all necessary ingredients and utensils, use of apron, prepwork and cleaning, one drink per person and printed recipes - so you don't have to bring anything. The food can be eaten at the course or taken home in small containers. Yet we appreciate very much - for the sake of the environment too - if you prompt your own container boxes. No outside food ingredient can be brought in.

With whom are we cooking?
It is recommended to come with a friend - since most of the times we cook in pairs. Courses run with a minimum of 5 persons or maximum of 12 persons. We cannot provide accompanying or visitor tickets.  

Is this for Adults? or for Children?
Our adult courses are targeted for adult participants, but we are happy to receive children as attendees over the age of 12 years. Participation fee will be as for adults. We cannot provide accompanying or visitor tickets.  
For our children courses, the recommended age is from 6 to 12 years of age, but please consider the notes for that very course. 

Limitation of attendees?
There are limitations of up to 4 persons of friends for our open courses. Larger private groups are required to book their own event with their date, time and menu of choice. Please visit for more details.

Adult course rates (Ft):
1 person / occasion = 19.990,-
1 person / 2 occasion or 2 person / occasion = 35.990,- 
1 person / 3 occasion or 3 person / occasion = 47.990,- 
1 person / 4 occasion or 4 person / occasion = 59.990,- 
The volume discounts are valid when booked/bought at the same time.

Children courses rates (Ft):
1 person / occasion = 9.990,-
2 person / occasion = 17.990,-
3 person / occasion = 25.990,-
4 person / occasion = 33.990,-
The volume discounts are valid when booked/bought at the same time.

Drink rates (Ft):
Premium drink package is 3990 Ft with unlimited consumption. More details and drink list are available in the studios. 

How can we pay?
Our online system accepts any bankcard through OTP Simple  or Paypal.

What are the difficulty levels?
* = easy, anybody can do it, basically no skills at all
** = medium, recommended for those who cook time to time
*** = hard, advanced hand skills and concentration are required

Location exact addresses
The course run at all of our studios
Budapest, IX. ker. Páva utca 13.
Budapest, II. ker. Bécsi út 27.
Etyek, Öreghegyi pincesor



How to register for a course

When are courses published? Why only two months ahead?
We publish and refresh our calendar about 4 to 6 weeks ahead. We realized the is the time spam, most customers like to plan ahead. Our courses run all year, weeknights and weekend alike.

Is there a waiting list? How can I get notified?
1. In your personal account, you can set the courses you like most and where you are happy to receive notifications. Once you set, we will email you when a new course is published in that category. 
2. If it's too broad for you, you can pick one specific course, then we email only when that very course is available again.
3. If you insist on one specific course and the specific time, it is possible to add yourself to waiting list (of that course). Should anybody spare some place, we will let you by email.

Cancellation / modification

How can I cancel booking?
You can cancel booking only minimum of 10 days prior to the course - should it concern one, more or all the participants. Cancellation must be made in written over email to
Since the course is not linked to a specific person, you can find anybody to come instead of you, just as you would do with a theatre ticket.
If due to technical reasons (like Electricity Blackout) only then we reimburse the fee of the course. 

How can I modify booking? 
Like cancellation, modification to another course can be made only minimum of 10 days prior to the course - should it concern one, more or all the participants. Like cancellation, inquires must be made in written over email to

How can we come less than booked?
We recommend to find somebody else to substitute. If you cancel more people because of one person only, same above term aplly to everybody. 

There is one spot available, but there's two of us want to come?
Our course are designed to the size of the studio, manage recipes and give best cookery hands-on experience. Typically is not possible to raise participant level. Please select date and course where you both can come. 

How can we come more than booked?
If there is room, yes. But every extra person has to register and pay. Please indicate in the notes section of the registration form who you want o join to cook with. The volume discounts are valid when booked/bought at the same time. There are limitations of up to 4 persons of friends for our open courses. Larger private groups are required to book their own evetn with their date, time and menu of choice. Please visit for mor details.

I got a one person voucher, but there is someone who would also join, how can I pay for him/her?
You can not combine different payment methods in one registration. Please register each person separately if you want to pay differently/separately. The volume discounts are valid when booked/bought at the same time.


I got a voucher

How can I buy a voucher?
Buying voucher is registration related. Our vouchers are for "blank" vouchers, valid for one year - the receipent can choose which course he or she wants to go. 

I would like to gift a voucher, what to do?
Upon registration, you can buy a voucher or vouchers. All the vouchers carry a unique code and they all are stored in your account. If you want to give them away as a gift, you have three options. 
1. You forward to an email adress through Chefparade system  
Please give the recipient's name and email address and place your personal message too. Make sure you give the right email, The voucher will be sent to him/her as a downloadable pdf. If he/she is registered at Chefparade's, the voucher is instantly in his/her account. If he/she is not yet registered at Chefparade's, the voucher will be in his/her account following his/her registration. If you want to give more vouchers, you have do it one by one.
2. You download as pdf and you decide what, how, when you are going to do with it like messenger, email, print etc...
You can add a personal message too, optionally on all vouchers.
3. You come to our office at Bécsi úti Chefparade Kávézó, and pick up a pre-printed voucher and envelop. 
This case your voucher code(s) will put onto a A6 laminated coloured card. Here again the recipient has to register and redeem/import the vouchers into our system. The can he/she select and book for a course. 

Why can I not gift a specific course with a specific date?
Our vouchers are for "blank" vouchers, valid for one year - the recipient can choose which course he or she wants to go. 

How long is the voucher valid?
One year after purchase. We will send a notification email 30 days prior to expiration, shall the voucher be unused fro almost 330 days. If you fail to come, you can extract that is 1999 HUF for 3 months or 3599 HUF for 6 months extra.

Why dont you have children vouchers?
Our vouchers are for adult courses only. We plan to launch children vouchers as the volume of children courses grow. If you insist to use/gift vouchers, you can use adult vouchers for children courses too, but they are more expensive this way.

Email problems 

I do not get the emails at all...
Please check your spam folder, make sure our automatised emails didn't end up there. You can please tag (*** our domains as NOT spam. 

Why do I get notice emails? 
Chefparade automatized system sends emails as following
- upon registration for the course 
- reminder three days before the course
- recipes next day after the course
In addition you can register yourself to be poked when a new course (of your interest) is being published.  
Emails are also sent as you purchase or forward gift vouchers.


Food allergies and intolerance

In case a severe food allergy, please contact us through telephone, email or any other way. Please do not come to a course without consulting. Chefparade does its best to help, but we cannot guarantee replacement ingredient. This is specially true when there's demo cooking. The four most common types of food allergies and their non-usage can be filtered here - so facilitate orientation. 


Account settings

Your personal account is made of the following parts:
personal profile, phone, email and language settings, 
courses, you took in the past or you will take soon, 
e-loyaty card, one stamp for each course 
received and/or purchased vouchers,
settings for course reminder categories you like and you want to follow


Feldobox card

If you have a Feldobox card, please contact us!